AOSP Changes and Status Update

Recently, Funky Android Ltd closed up shop. As a result, the Android developer and security communities lost a valuable resource that Funky Android provided — their AOSP developer change logs. Since we were avid consumers of this service, we decided to stand up our own version under a new sub-domain. Without further adieu, we are pleased to present AOSP Changes, brought to you by the droidsec team! We’ve primed the set with a few recent change sets. If you’re interested in others, please open an issue.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed member Gunther and I have been hard at work cleaning up and expanding the Wiki too. Founder jduck migrated the Wiki from the traditional Github Wiki and integrated it with the main Web site layout. Following that, Gunther has been adding quite a bit of content with more to come. Keep your eyes peeled and hold on your seat belt on because further changes there seem inevitable. If you’re interested in helping, feel free to fork, make changes, and send a pull request!

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