Join the Team!

If you’re actively interested in developing security related tools, auditing Android code, or writing exploits for Android vulnerabilities — this is the group for you.

Joining the group is easy. The process starts by introducing yourself at: join (dot) droidsec (at) qoop (dot) org.

NOTE: You can still contribute content via pull request, even if you don’t have commit access!

The next step is adding yourself to the _config.yml file in the web site repository. You can probably even edit it right from the Github web site! If not, fork the project and checkout a copy locally:

$ git clone droidsec
$ cd droidsec
$ $EDITOR _config.yml
$ git add _config.yml
$ git commit -m 'Add myself to the members list'
$ git push origin master

Once you’ve made your commit, go over to the GitHub web interface and make a pull request. We’ll merge it and then you’ll appear on the members list!